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Dermaplaning, also known as epi-leveling, is a manual exfoliation alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Skin care professionals will be able to recognize this being the best choice for anyone who has fine facial hair, extremely sensitive skin, Hyperpigmentation, dead/ keratinized skin, redness / rosacea, or telangiectasia. This treatment is performed using a surgical blade to gently exfoliate dead skin cells in the Stratum Corneum and removes the vellus hair, commonly known as “peach fuzz”, which can trap excess dirt and oil. appearance. Hair returns softly and will not become coarser due to this treatment. 

Dermaplaning increases product penetration for topicals used.

Clients will love the immediate glow of brighter and a more-even skin tone following this no down-time treatment. Make-up will appear smoother than ever before. 

This treatment is addicting! You can expect an increase in client retention with Dermaplaning clients booking monthly treatments for maintenance. 

Course Overview:


  • Learn the history of the treatment, client selection, benefits & contraindications
  • Pre/ Post follow care instruction
  • Client retention
  • Marketing strategies
  • Pricing recommendations as a stand alone treatment and add-on. 
  • Pairing with the most effective topicals to address specific skin concerns
  • Introduction to AnteAGE Mesenchymal stem cytokine/ growth factors.
  • How to combine with other treatments (Enzymes, Nano-Infusion, Micro-Needling, LED, Cryo-Therapy, Post-Treatment Masks etc). 

    Hands on Techniques-

  • Protocol - we teach the two methods of dermaplaning, dry dermaplaning and when to incorporate an anti-inflammatory oil.
  • Work with a variety of blades and scalpel handles to find your personal preference.
  • Each course participant will be working hands-on to give and receive this treatment as long as no contraindications are present. Hydrating post-treatment mask and LED light therapy included. 

    Course participants will receive a training manual and Dermaplaning kit with supplies for 12 treatments, $300 (wholesale value) full-size post care products for on-going treatments and/ or personal use.

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